About Me

Hi, I’m Ken, and I’d like to call myself a visual artist. I employ various visual media to tell stories.

My journey with photography began when I was gifted with a 1965 Petri V6 film SLR by my father, my most prized possession at the young age of 10. Since then I began viewing the world in a different light. Coupled with a young, curious mind, I tinkered with snapshots of everything I saw—the sky, the sea, insects, my Lego, action figurines, you name it. My passion for photography deepened as I started noticing designs, shapes in nature which I’ve never paid attention to before. I felt strongly that I am meant to tell stories through photography and painting. Indeed, it was a gift that changed my life forever.

Eventually this devotion landed me on countless projects to capture amazing people, taking me to various places as I marked my footsteps across 8 countries in the world so far, encapsulating memories one shot at a time.

Ken D. Kawakami